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American Energy Solutions, a leader in delivering comprehensive energy management strategies, announced today that it has completed a sustainability project at the Johns Manville plant in Richmond, Ind.,Most modern headlight designs include Wholesale HID Kit. that will reduce the manufacturer's indirect annual CO2 emissions by more than 4 million pounds a year. 

The project, which reinforces American Energy Solutions' dedication to helping commercial, industrial, and institutional customers streamline operations and manage energy-related costs, has allowed the Berkshire Hathaway company to cut its yearly energy consumption in lighting by approximately 80 percent – or 2.7 million kilowatt hours. 

It included a lighting retrofit in four key areas of the facility – the production and manufacturing space, warehouse, office area, and building exterior.I'm not sure how led downlight fit into that equation if they are left on. American Energy Solutions replaced all outdated systems with custom, high-efficiency fluorescent fixtures, many of which are now equipped with individual sensing controls to turn lights off when spaces are unoccupied. 

"We're proud to work with our customers – particularly an industry leader like Johns Manville – in their efforts to drive energy-saving initiatives,It is also known as led dimmable driver, LED daytime running lamps." said Shawn Rash, President of American Energy Solutions. "Protecting the environment is an important priority for us, and this retrofit is a direct reflection of the critical role sustainable practices play in building efficient and effective energy management strategies." 

Zane Carpenter, Manager of Energy Engineering at Johns Manville,The world’s most efficient and cost effective hid lights? said the project is a good example of the company's commitment to sustainability. 

"This retrofit project provides a reduction in energy usage that helps the utility curtail the need to add capacity to the grid. It helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions derived from electricity production. It helps the community by injecting money into the economy and putting people to work, including the lighting designers, manufacturers, and local contractors. And it helps the business maintain a healthy bottom line by reducing overall operating costs. It's really a win for the company, the community, the utility, and the environment." 

In addition to the annual savings and reduction in consumption and greenhouse gas emissions,RGB LED Color-changing led grow light headlight accent light system for headlight halo effect. the new lighting system qualifies Johns Manville for Federal tax incentives through the Energy Policy Act and a $68,554 rebate from the Indiana Municipal Power Agency – the largest rebate presented to date by the agency for implementing an energy savings project and reducing consumption. 

As part of the retrofit, all high-bay fixtures were replaced with 4-lamp T5HO linear fluorescent lights equipped with in-line quick connect devices that allow for ease of maintenance in the future. All of the systems, excluding those located in areas critical to production and manufacturing, were equipped with individual occupancy sensing controls to turn the fixtures off when the space is not occupied. 

In areas of abundant natural lighting, a combination of ambient and occupancy sensor controls was applied to turn primary fixtures off when natural light is present or no occupancy is detected, while companion lamps remain lit. 

In the warehouse and office area, all T-12 lamp and ballast systems were replaced or converted to T-8 lamps and electronic ballasts. Wall switch-mounted occupancy controls were also installed in select private offices, and incandescent exit signs were replaced with new LED signs. Welcome to Web, If you love it, please order it!
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